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A Lenten Epiphany

I spent Lent of 2012 in Israel.  I was fortunate to be one of a few lay people included on a trip Bishop Mark Beckwith of the Diocese of Newark arranged for his clergy.  It was to be one of the most powerful experiences of my life.   When we arrived in the Garden of...

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My First Vestment

Here is my very first vestment: read on to see how it came to be… We moved to Baton Rouge LA in early 1980 and began the search for our church home. Having come from Michigan, it was quite a challenge as the norm in Louisiana was for the children to be in Sunday...

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My first blog post

I always imagined my very first Blog post would be on the question I am so frequently asked; how did I come to be a vestment maker?  I find that will be my second post as my heart and mind are heavy from the election cycle we have all experienced. It has been laced...

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