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Personal Journey Gallery


Reversible Vision Quest

The Waters of Life

Vendantan nun in California to an Episcopalian nun in New Jersey

My story – first a Vendantan nun in California to an Episcopalian nun in NJ,  from the Golden Gate bridge to the George Washington Bridge and so much more

A Pastor’s Story, Woman at the Well

Our Lady of Guadalupe

A personal journey red/white reversible ordination set

Includes images of water and Ruach

Sets made for the Solomon Islands

Reversible red/gold set – a Priest tells of her grandmother’s hands, unbind the chains

Totem animals surrounded by Ruach

Totem Animals

Beads and more, collected by a Pastor, from around the world

The Fire Chaplain’s story

A Priest’s totem animals

Reversible Red / White

A Deacon’s story in the hills of NJ with bears, oh my!

A Priest’s story told in the crosses of my Romanian heritage, plus other crosses I love

Gift to Bishop Jack Croneberger on his retirement showing his life in the Diocese of Newark

Assorted Personal Journey Vestments