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Personal Journey Gallery

The Breath of God

The two churches at the hem edges are where he found his call and
the breath of God rises from them as it touches,
informs, guides and lights his way.

Gun Violence Awareness

The faces from Eric Carle used with the gracious permission of the Eric Carle Institute. The faces so clearly name why one should not shoot!

The faces are illustrated by Eric Carle from the lovely book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?” (available on Amazon)

Reversible Vision Quest

Out of the Ashes, new life shall grow

This is the rest of the “Out of the ashes, new life shall grow” personal journey stole showing
the life growing in the midst of the destruction.

Ruach is represented by the sheer silk swirls of steam rising
(the back of the stole is found in the “assorted blue / green” gallery)

A Priest’s stole told in stained glass images

Vendantan nun in California to an Episcopalian nun in New Jersey

My story – first a Vendantan nun in California to an Episcopalian nun in NJ,  from the Golden Gate bridge to the George Washington Bridge and so much more

A Pastor’s Story, Woman at the Well

Our Lady of Guadalupe

A personal journey red/white reversible ordination set

Includes images of water and Ruach

Sets made for the Solomon Islands

Reversible red/gold set – a Priest tells of her grandmother’s hands, unbind the chains

Totem animals surrounded by Ruach

Beads and more, collected by a Pastor, from around the world

The Fire Chaplain’s story

A Priest’s totem animals

Reversible Red / White

A Deacon’s story in the hills of NJ with bears, oh my!

A Priest’s story told in the crosses of my Romanian heritage, plus other crosses I love

Gift to Bishop Jack Croneberger on his retirement showing his life in the Diocese of Newark

Assorted Personal Journey Vestments