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Creation / Reconciliation


An African American Priest’s story in quilts

This is a personal journey set made for an African American Priest telling her story through quilts.
Much as in the Secret Quilt Code of the Underground RailRoad.

Stoles for Creation

Stoles for Creation made on periwinkle blue silk

Creation Set of Swirling Galaxies and Constellations

Creation Set, St. Francis’ Sermon to the Birds

This is detail of pulpit hanging illustrating St. Francis’ sermon to the birds using all local species.

The single holey (holy) leaf falling to bring nourishment to the growth that will come again.

The vine growing – two cling together while another goes off on its own – notice how the tendrils reach out for support.

The vine bears fruit, the back of the chasuble showing fullness of life over the right
with the fruit withering on the vine as it approaches the left.

The front of the chasuble showing new life beginning on the left and the single holey (holy) leaf falling on the right. Note how there is one branch that doesn’t get very far – just as in some lives and some dreams…

The Season of Reconciliation

as told through “The Secret Code Quilt” of the Underground Railroad.

Assorted Sets