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White / Yellow / Festive


Love is spoken here

“Love is spoken here” set using traditional Celtic knots.
The Pulpit hanging has a knot created of hearts clearly stating love is spoken here

All Saints, Reversible Gold

Ft. Lauderdale, FL reversible gold/white set.
Gold using traditional Celtic knots, white using a contemporary knot representing the waters that surround the church

The Gates of Hope Set

The Gates of Hope set – Diocese of Newark
note the hinges on the gates are a celtic knot of hearts.

Totem Animals

A set made for an African American/Native American man using his totem animals.
The animal fabrics were made into stained glass window quilt blocks and placed within a raw silk fabric.

Marriage Equality

Lady of Guadalupe set

Burse and veil that goes with the Lady of Guadalupe set

Wedding set

Wedding set – and the two shall be joined together and become as one.
Different roots but intertwine to form one diverse creation.

Contemporary Celtic knot

A contemporary Celtic knot using fire, water, Ruach and the rainbow.
Created for a church in celebration of diversity. Includes chasuble, stole and cope.

Consecration set

Consecration set made for Bishop Jack McKelvey – the flames running through it.

Kente cloth set

Kente cloth set made on yellow Matka, created for the Bishop Diocese of Maryland.

Festive Vines

Three dimensional grape leaves with golden button grapes.

Muslim / Christian Wedding Set

Yellow Epiphany Set

Yellow was used interchangably with green in the churches of old.
More and more churches are using yellow again during Epiphany to differentiate it from the Season of Pentecost.

My Daughter’s Wedding Set

Chasuble, cope, stole and miter made using a thistle fabric

Chasuble, cope, stole and miter made using a thistle fabric created in the stained glass window pattern.
The thistle is an ancient Christian symbol for human sin and sorrow – recreated here in beauty and hope.

Iowa Cathedral Set

Assorted White / Yellow / Festive Vestments