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The Process

Colleen’s vestments are a contemporary reimagining of the vestments of old. Vestments used to tell the stories of the faith much as the stained glass windows did. Colleen’s unique handmade vestments hearken back to that tradition as they celebrate the solemnity of the occasion and the person for whom they are created.

Vestments are more than just color and design. They project a sense of drama, speak in a different voice and create a mood that allows the wearer to deliver a message that is both seen and heard.

Artist and commissioner work together to identify the message that the vestment is to convey. The artist interprets the conversation into a design that clearly translates the message. A sketch of the proposed piece and sample fabric and color swatches are then provided. When agreement is reached, the artist begins the process of creating the vestment in earnest.

Each vestment is crafted using the finest silks, hand-painted silks, satins, sheers, and/or cottons. A variety of techniques are used including machine appliqué, quilting, cut work, beading, hand embroidery and more to create a piece that will last a lifetime.